imaginary animals

‘Imaginary animals’ is a series of three small lightboxes featuring images from a medieval bestiary, accompanied by short extracts of the texts describing the imagined attributes of the chosen animals. The pictured image illustrates what the bestiary authors thought about wolves, warning that ‘if a wolf sees a man before the man sees the wolf, the man will lose his voice.’

Each image is printed onto the ‘back’ of a piece of card and then attached to a lightbox. Inside the box is an array of infra-red LEDs which produce light at a wavelength invisible to the naked eye so the lightbox appears to be blank.

Mobile phones and digital cameras, however, are sensitive to infra-red light, and so when you view the lightbox on the screen of one of these devices the printed image appears.

This project was created for the ‘mobile’ exhibition at Norwich Arts Centre in January 2009.